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Feb, 2023

2023 Evaluations

There have been a lot of questions about who has to come to evaluations.


Your player must come to evals if they are moving age groups or New to Whiteford. If you moved from pinto to mustang last fall you still need to come to Evaluations. Fall Teams have nothing to do with Spring. If you are a returning player ie. Bronco and staying in Bronco. You do not have to come to evaluations. Shetland players do not come to evaluations.


What to bring:

Bat, Glove, and Helmet if you have it.

The players will field a few ground balls and hit some balls. All kids make a team there is no pressure. This is to try and get the teams as even as possible.

Evaluations should last most of the allotted time.


Whiteford Evaluations will be Saturday February 11, at Joliet Central High School.

Joliet Central is located at 201 E Jefferson Street in Joliet in Downtown Joliet.

Pinto will begin at 8am
Mustang will begin at 10am
Bronco will begin at 12pm
Pony will begin at 2pm.