Whiteford Baseball


Why should I choose to play at Whiteford?


We believe that we offer parents the best value and best learning experience for youth baseball in the area.  Highlights include:


-We have a family friendly encouraging atmosphere 

-We offer several levels of baseball depending on your level of skill and competitve desire; house, part-time travel and All-Stars.

-All five of our fields contain grass infields and are well maintained

-We offer 6 hours of training to our coaches each year 

-We have the best concession stand in the area.

Where is Whiteford located?


Whiteford is located in Joliet, just north of the intersection of Black Road and East Frontage Road (I-55).

What is the easiest way to find directions to Whiteford?


Type "NE Frontage rd and Black rd, Joliet" into Google maps and a map of the park will be displayed or 930 NE Frontage road, Joliet. 

Where is the Whiteford Board Room?


The board room is located above the concession stand in the center of the park.

How do I earn my parent fee back?


Your can earn your parent fee back by working 8 hours in the concession stand, helping out on field clean up days or umpiring Pinto games.  You need to make sure that you record the hours worked in the receipt book located in the concession stand on the day worked.  Once you have completed your 8 hours, the treasurer will write you a check and leave it in the concession stand for pick-up (usually this will take 1-2 weeks).

Can I smoke or bring my dog to Whiteford?


We ask that you please leave your dogs and cigarettes at home.

I was an assistant coach this season, does that satisfy my parent fee hours?


We appreciate parents who are able and willing to help teach baseball to the young people in our community.  It is our hope that they decide to be a coach because they love the game and enjoy working with kids.  Because of this, we don't award parent fee hours for coaching. 

Can I request a coach or request to have my player on the same team as a friend?


We allow parents to request a coach or to be on the same team as a friend during registration.  Once the draft is complete (Pinto-Pony), we let the managers know of all requests and ask them to attempt to make trades to accommodate the requests.  Some requests are fulfilled, some are not.  Our goal during the draft process is to make all teams competitive.

Can I get a refund if my player decides not to play?

Although we understand players have different reasons for not wanting to play, we only have so many spots available per level. A 50% refund will be issued before teams are selected. No refund will be selected after teams are selected. 

When and where will practice be held?


Practice dates, times and locations are set by each individual manager.  After teams are selected, parents will be contacted by the coach with additional information.